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Post by Deadlydemonlord on Thu Feb 15 2018, 15:24

It’s been long time since I played duel masters last time. After end of Kp I played few games on tcg but that was nothing like Kp. So what software are we using now?


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Post by LOGIC on Thu Feb 15 2018, 21:24

It's nice to meet a KP player. (I also miss those times to).
Welcome to our comunity. We are actualy using as software Duel Masters Civilizations (in both TCG and KP[set 17] format). In addition KP had inspired from DMC software, you'll see the similarities between the 2 platforms. In some happy terms, DMC wasn't shut down because it didn't has a server with a lobby room. The conection between 2 players is based on Ip to IP conections, in most cases using Hamachi.
For downloading go to the "Game Download" topic and folow the instructions. Fo any questions, you can contact me anytime wih a PM or on my e-mail adress: theoboyyy@yahoo.com

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