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Post by TheStellar17 on Thu Apr 30 2015, 18:06

Sa pun si aici cele 2 proiecte: destroido(care contine anti-strategii pentru fiecare civilizatie, tip de pachet) si 100 combos in tcg.

"Winners have two main tendencies. They spot weaknesses and have the speed to attack those weaknesses."

Specific civilizations:

Vs Light

purple piercer
missile boy
giliam the tormentor
galklife dragon
volcano smog, deceptive shade
soul gulp

Strong points of light: field control(tap abilities), strong evos, strong blockers, spell support cards(ex.:phal), shield addition,
alcadeias (spell lockdown),craze valkyrie creatures which can't be chosen.
Weak points: no removals,so purple piercer is unstoppable and slayers have a great potential vs light.
Ways to counterattack alcadeias: slayers, corile, aqua surfer, high-powered creatures
                     ailzinous: slayers, stagrandu, invincible abyss
                     petrova: blizzard of spears, galklife dragon

Vs Darkness

amnis, holy elemental
dew mushroom
fu reil, seeker of storms
gulan rias, speed guardian
milieus, the daystretcher
freezing icehammer
rain of arrows

Strong points: discarding, revival, removal cards, ballom, daidalos rush,slayers
Weak points:lack of drawing cards, low powered creatures OR high powered creatures,but with serious drawbacks
Ways to counterattack discarding: rain of arrows and revival OR anti-discarding creatures: sanfist, terradragon delacerna, dava torrey, bigole
                     removal: revial
                     ballom: slayers(ex.:melnia), discarding
                     daidalos rush: slayers, cheap blockers to win enough time in order to find/gain mana for removal spells
                     slayers: fire removal spells(ex.: blizzard of spears)

Vs Fire

cheap blockers
kizar basiku, the outrageous
justice jamming
miraculous snare
stained glass

Strong points: rush strategy, fire removal spells, dragons aggro(using cocco lupia)
Weak points: no drawing cards
Ways to counterattack rush: shield triggers, cheap blockers, fire removal spells, early discarding(ghost touch)
                     fire removal spells: petrova, revival
                     dragons aggro: i will make a special section(also for mana burn)

Vs Nature

fire removal spells
cheap blockers
mana bouncing cards(for your own mana, nature removals are basing on sending your creatures into your mana zone)

Strong points: mana boosting(+ mosquito and it's like a rush tactic), cheap evos and early field presence,rumbling
terahorn and hornead beast evos
Weak points: lack of drawing cards
Ways to counterattack mana boosting: don't, let the opponent boosts his mana, won't help him since he lacks of drawing cards
                     early field presence: fire removal spells, cheap blockers+tap

Vs Water
cheap, but powerful cretures(gonta is the perfect example)
fire removals
shield addition cards

Strong points: water is considered by many to be the best in mono civilization decks, because of its rush strategy based on both
blockers removal(crystal paladin) and bounce cards(spiral gate, unicorn fish) and also because of it's drawing cards
(energy stream, aqua hulcus, illusionary merfolk+cyber lords combo-corile/emeral).
Weak points: the water creatures have generally low power/cost.
Ways to counterattack water rush strategy: i know 3 efficient ways. 1st one is fire/nature rush the 2nd one is so
called, "pyro starnoid" deck, based on fire removal spells, wise starnoid shield addition power and tito vilanova combo
to secure the field control and the 3rd one is the light nature assault using glais mejicula combo in order to save shields
and skysword/mana nexus

Deck types:

Vs rush( fire-nature rush, darkness-fire rush)
cheap blockers
shield triggers(preferably creatures)
cheap removal spells

Strong points: rush decks will try to win the game in the first 6-7 turns.fn and df rush have got anti-blocker cards, but
an aggro system will overcome those removals.
Weak points: shield triggers creatures. aqua surfer in this case is way better than terror pit and if you also use a miraculous
snare, you can recycle that aqua surfer
Ways to counterrattack fn/df rush:survive first turns, building a solid defence and
removing opponent's creatures. after you do this and win the field, a striker like bluum erkis will finish the job.  

Vs water-fire rush
This is more special, because of crystal paladin(aggro blocker decks won't have any chance). So what do i recommend?
My Pyro Starnoid deck proved me many matches that it can stop this kind of rush.
P.s.: also light-fire rush can be destroyed using Pyro Starnoid

Vs aggro-assault
tito combo:smash warrior stagrandu,petrova, fists of forever,
fire removal spells
water drawing cards
light spell support
miraculous snare
valiant warrior exorius

Strong points: these type of deck uses light, natural and/or water concentrates on field control, using
tapping cards and blockers.also, it might feature anti-discarding cards.
Weak points:removal spells
Ways to counterattack this deck: once it looses the field control, the game ends. so, using a tito combo(which will give
you that field control) you have highest chances of winning.keep your removal spells for mist rias.don't forget you might
have to face craze valkyrie so you can use blockers, or remove initiates.

Vs mana burn(are mana burn decks already destroyer decks?)
snork la guardian
mana booster cards(faerie life, bronze-arm tribe, skysword)

Strong points: mana burn decks tend to be fire/nature decks.Most of them use mana crisis, reap and sow and dragons:bolzard and uberdragon bajula.
Also, some of these mana burn decks will try to break the shields as soon as they gained the advantage.
Weak points:snork la guardian and mana burn users will play empty-handed after first 5-6 turns
Ways to counterattack this deck: use mana booster cards, snork la and blockers like tajimal.Also, discarding and revival might be very useful.
Be precacious in defense.Be patient, focus on surviving in the start and in the middle of the game.

Vs mana bounce
dream weaver
poisonus mushroom
powerful strikers
rain of arrows

Strong points: mana bounce decks are generally water/nature/darkness decks. they use cards like shrtra to bounce mana and
also poisonus muhsroom, dream weaver to quickly charge it back. also, the key cards of this deck are: lost soul, miraculous
plague and fortress shell.mana bounce deck have a high synergy since they use drawing cards and the illusionary merfolk combo
Weak points:rush decks, alcadeias, rain of arrows
Ways to counterattack this deck:there are many ways: you can use a rush deck, a deck based on alcadeias(using rain of
arrows), or a deck which dream weaver/poisonus mushroom to cancel the enemy's strategy

Vs control*(special section)
rain of arrows

Strategies: insane rush or control decks(never try aggro/assault decks)

Strong points: control decks(field, hand, mana:dolmarks combo) generally use discarding, removal spells and a very solid
way to control the field(bazagazeal, dolmarks combo, tapping cards,etc) and have powerful finishers(bluum erkis, bolmeteus)
Control decks are:marino, rub, ruby, grub.

1.Vs marino(light/darkness/water)

Strong points:draw power,discarding, aggro field control using tapping cards and blockers.bluum erkis finisher
Weak points:mana burn
As i've seen, dolmarks control deck most of the time won vs marino.

2.Vs rub(fire/water/darkness)

Strong points:draw power, discarding, bazagazeal+removal spells field control, charger spells recycle control.bolmeteus is the finisher
Weak points:rush(it's more like a gamble), anti-discard cards(if your opponent does not know your deck)

3.Vs ruby(fire/water/darkness/light)

Strong points:draw power, discarding, bazagazeal+removal spells field control, spell recycle(using phal), blockers.
bolmeteus/bluum erkisis the finisher
Weak points:dolmarks control deck

4.Vs grub(nature/fire/water/darkness)
Strong points:draw power(in this case a bit lower), discard,mana accel,bazagazeal+removal spells field control.bolmeteus(sometimes also bombazar)
is the finisher
Weak points:discarding

Against control decks in general, you shouldn't use too many blockers and be patient and always prepared for a cranium clamp.

Vs dragonic aggro
snork la, shrine guardian
tajimal, vizier of aqua
crimson hammer
wave lance

Strong points: using cocco lupia, these decks can quickly occupy the field with powerful dragons which can evolve into
uberdragon bajula and might end the game.also, these decks use nature civilization so they have mana accel
Weak points:lack of drawing cards, lack of removal spells
Ways to counterattack:crimson hammer and spastic missile are the best solutions against cocco lupia,while snork la is
the only card which can stop bolzard and bajula's mana burn effect.if you use a control decks which focus on field, then
you might have the highest chances of winning.the best exemple is the tito vilanova control deck which can provide you
a permanent field control.

Vs bombazar
tajimal, vizier of aqua
holy awe
cranium clamp
cloned nightmare
nariel, the oracle
slash charger

Strong points: bombazar decks(blue, light, simple) are assault decks who use bombazar as the main finisher.these decks
use mana accel, cheap creatures(gonta) and speed attackers(twin-cannon skyterror and magnus) and blocker removals
Weak points:discard,shield triggers
Ways to counterattack: nariel is a great card which stops enemy's strikers, shield triggers can give you a great advantage
as a your last resort(you can try emeral) and slash charger can destroy your opponent's most fearsome creature:bombazar

100 combos:
Winning using combo decks gives probably the greatest satisfaction.

1.cyber lords+illusionary merfolk
2.cruel naga+ any bounce card(aqua surfer, spiral gate, cloned spiral,etc)
3.any creature able to attack untapped creatures(stagrandu, exorius, gatling skyterror,etc)+petrova+fists of forever
4.stagrandu+colossus boost+fists of forever+supersonic jet pack
5.stallob+slash and burn+intense evil
6.daidalos/evil incarnate+any creatures which gives a bonus after death(propeller mutant, jil warka,etc)
7.daidalos+fists of forever+olgate+jack viper
8.cosmic darts+meloppe+emeral/sundrop armor/telitol
9.aurora of reversal+miraculous meltdown
10.dragonoid aggro+furious onslaught+ultimate dragon
11.mana bonanza+king tsunami+lost soul
12.divine riptide+tangle fist the weaver+lost soul(in 2 rounds)
13.bliss totem+any mana bounce card(ex.:clone factory)
14.blockers aggro+slime veil
15.kuukai+slime veil
16.kyrston+rapid reincarnation
17.death phoenix+any bounce card(aqua surfer, spiral gate, cloned spiral, etc)
18.willy carpenter/emergency typhoon(dragons in graveyard)+dimension splitter+dance of sproutlings
19.emeral(placing invincible technology)+ghastly drain+cosmic darts(after casting invincible technology, you take many creatures of the same race)+dance of sproutlings
20.willy carpenter/emergency typhoon/slash charger/future slash+bliss totem/enchanted soil
21.charger spell+belix/any mana bounce card(ex.:clone factory)
22.glais mejicula+slime veil+cards like:terradragon delacerna, sanfist,dava torrey,etc
23.mass discarding(using cranium clamp,cloned nightmare)+upheaval
24.mystery totem aggro+petrova+forbidding totem+screaming sunburst
25.emeral(placing shield trigger)+benzo
26.shield trigger deck+bryzenaga+miraculous meltdown
27.ghastly drain/aurora of reversal+cryptic totem(tapped)+miraculous meltdown
28.shield triggers combo+super terradragon bailas gale
29.mass drawing(astral warper,illusionary combo,etc)+dream weaver
30.rush/assault attacking+brutal charge/lucky ball/miracle quest
31.zaltan/marching motherboard+cyber virus
32.mass mana boosting(ex.:mana bonanza)+warped lunatron
33.grape globbo/any cards allowing to see your opponent's hand+rain of arrows
34.aggro+shock hurricane
35.soulswap+any creature with instant effect(ex.:corile,skysword),doubles that effect
36.unblockable creatures(ex.:candy drop)+turbo rush creatures(ex.:gachack)
37.kachua+dimension splitter
38.bajula/wise starnoid/aura pegassus+holy awe+fists of forever
39.2 wave strikers+steamrolle+slash and burn
42.mana bonanza+scarlet skyterror+balesk baj
43.water aggro+thunder net
44.water/fire aggro+hourglass mutant
45.creatures with silent skill ability+mystic magician
46.phal eega+any spell
47.mongrel man+any destroying card
48.slash charger+future slash(removing creatures from opponent's deck)+transmogrify(removing spells)
49.transmogrify+aqua strummer(way to bring high power creatures)
50.liquid scope+bluum erkis
51.mihail,celestial element+spiral grass/pulsar tree
52.innocent hunter+any evo
53.bubble scarab+cards like terradragon delacerna, sanfist,etc
54.dyno mantis+petrova
55.shields additioning cards(ex.:sphere of wonder,nexus charger)+ancient horn the watcher
56.sapian+creatures featuring effect while attacking opponent(ex.:cavern raider)
57.beast folk aggro+vreemah
58.rumbling terahorn+niofa
59.cyclone panic+gigavrand
60.gigavrand+necrodragon zalva+soulswap
61.legendary bynor+water turbo rush creatures(ex.:vikorakys)
62.power attacker creatures(ex.:trench scarab)+ whisking whirlwind
63.multicolored cards in mana+elixia
65.wave strikers
66.any card which requires sacrificing a shield(ex.:seaging wave)+any shield addition card(ex.:wise starnoid)
67.armorloid aggro+simian warrior grash+any own destruction card(ex.:daidalos, chains of sacrifice,etc) aggro+galiacruse
69.super machine dragon dolzark+any dragon
70.ultimate dragon+any dragon
71.cocco lupia/totto pipicchi+any dragon
72.willy carpenter/emergency typhoon+cloned cards
73.essence elf+spells
74.elf x+creatures
75.exploding cactus/legacy shell/sword of benevolent life+light creatures
76.cataclysmic eruption+nature creatures
77.nature/darkness aggro+mykee's pliers
78.water/nature aggro+lemik+bonds of justice
79.chaotic skyterror/gregoria+demon command
80.iocant,the oracle/supporting tulip+angel command
81.emergency typhoon/willy carpenter/slash charger/future slash+king aquakumi
82.discarding+terradragon gamiratar/stratoshphere giant
83.drawing cards+headlong giant
84.terradragon cusdalf+mana bounce+dream weaver
85.civilization aggro+tap ability specific civilization evo(ex.: light aggro+arc bine)
86.emergency typhoon/willy carpenter/slash charger/future slash+izorist vhal/abzo dolba
87.creatures with "while you have no shields" abilities(ex.:gazarias)+general dark fiend/ghastly drain/aurora of reversal+miraculous meltdown
88.poisonous mushroom+sniper mosquito
89.shield addition cards+terradragon dakma balgarow
90.creatures with shield trigger abilities(ex.:aqua surfer)+miraculous snare
91.multicolored non-vortex evo+creatures from those 2 specifi races(ex.:hydrooze+cyber lords/hedrian)
92.bakkra horn+dragons cry dragon+armored dragons
94.sieg balicula+bonds of justice
96.evil incarnate+aura pegasus
97.evil incarnate+jil warka+spinning terror, the wretched
98.bombazar+cryptic totem
99.bombazar+shield burning cards(ex.:gajirabute)
100.necrodragon zalva+pincer scarab

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Multumim pentru efort. Orice nou venit sau incepator isi poate face o idee de ansamblu a ceea ce inseamna Duel Masters TCG (Duel Masters al seturilor 1-12). Smile

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zici ca e un fel de culegere de duel masters clasele 1-12 Smile Smile Smile


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