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Post by LOGIC on Sat Nov 04 2017, 10:39


4x Yuliana, Channeler of Suns-----[cost 3, Light]
2x Thrash Crawler-----[cost 4, Water]
1x Aquan-----[cost 4, Water]
3x Marinomancer-----[cost 5, Water]
3x Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet-----[cost 4, Darkness]
3x Arissa, Vizier of the Holy Strike-----[cost 3, Light]
2x Glaris, Electro-Spirit-----[cost 4, Light/Water]
2x Alshia, Spirit of Novas-----[cost 5, Light]

Evolution Creatures(3):

3x Elupheus, Lord of Spirits-----[cost 5, Light]


3x Hopeless Vortex-----[cost 5, Darkness]
3x Hide and Seek-----[cost 4, Water/Darkness]
2x Miraculous Snare-----[cost 3, Light/Water]
1x Skeleton Vice-----[cost 4, Darkness]
2x Miraculous Plague-----[cost 7, Water/Darkness]
1x Morbid Medicine-----[cost 4, Darkness]

Cross Gears(5):

2x Patrial Flame-----[cost 3, Light]
2x Noble Enforcer-----[cost 4, Water]
1x Quake Staff-----[cost 1, Darkness]

Total = 40 cards
Average cost = 4,075

0 Fire, 8 Water, 14 Light, 9 Darkness, 0 Nature, 9 Rainbow.

Shield triggers: None (0/40).

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