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Nerfed(Modified) Cards!

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Nerfed(Modified) Cards! Empty Nerfed(Modified) Cards!

Post by LOGIC Sun May 29 2016, 16:59

This cards has their abilities nerfed(modified) to bring balance in the game!

Nerfed(Modified) Cards! Soulswap

You may choose one of your creatures in the battle zone and put it into your mana zone. If you do, choose a non-evolution creature in your mana zone that costs the same as or less than the number of cards in that mana zone. Put that creature into the battle zone.

Nerfed(Modified) Cards! Cloned_Nightmare

Choose a card at random in your opponent's hand. Then, for each Cloned Nightmare in YOUR graveyard, you may choose another card at random in your opponent's hand. Your opponent discards all those cards.

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